Water Treatment Systems

It’s crucial that your water be free of contaminants and safe to drink, that’s why Tapp Water Systems offers residential water treatment systems for the Central Maryland area. Although it’s important to have high-quality water for consumption, you use water for so much more than just drinking. From washing your dishes and doing laundry to taking a bath or shower, you need a water conditioning system that will reduce the level of harmful chemicals. Your body needs minerals to be healthy but the ones found in water are harder to absorb, so it’s best to get vitamins and minerals in foods instead. When you get a water softener installation, you’ll have less hard water deposits from minerals and less chalky white residue left behind.

Water Treatment System Installation Services

When you call our service professionals about getting a water treatment system for your home, we will provide you a free water analysis. We use the latest tools in the field to ensure we’re accurately evaluating the condition of your water and informing you on its level of safety. Once we determine your water’s cleanliness, we can suggest a water purification system that could work best for your house.

This is what we test for when we perform an in-depth water analysis:

  • Nitrates and nitrites
  • Arsenic
  • Iron and lead
  • Hardness
  • Bacteria
  • Chlorine
  • Low-pH or acidic water
  • Radium


With the advent of reverse osmosis water filtration systems, you can now have the world’s best water when you turn on the tap. These systems are great when you want a refreshing drink of water or if you want softer feeling clothes after you wash a load of laundry. A water softener installation means minimal mineral deposits, which allows your appliances to have fewer possible obstructions, so they can function at their best and last longer.

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