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Water Softening Sytems in Pasadena MD

It is not uncommon for the water in Maryland to be hard. This means the water in your tap is mineral heavy, and it can affect many things, from cleaning your home to skin care. Getting a water softener system installed for your home can prevent these issues from occurring. If you’re interested in a water softener installation call Tapp Water Systems. You can depend on us to help you find the right water-softening system for your home and provide first-rate installation.

What Are the Disadvantages of Hard Water?

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Ready to say goodbye to dry skin and dingy dishes? A water softener is the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Below are some of the disadvantages to having hard water:

  • The way it reacts with soap: Because hard water has a high mineral content, it leaves behind soap scum when it reacts with soap. When hard water and soap are put into the mix, the calcium sulphate in the water forms calcium carbonate and sodium sulphate. This is what is known as scum. It can be quite difficult to remove after it’s been left for a while.
  • The effect it has on hair: Hard water can have a negative effect on your hair. It can cause issues such as split ends, tangles, dandruff, brittle hair and in extreme cases thinning hair and eczema.
  • The effect it has on skin: Because hard water and soap react the way they do (as stated above), the leftover residue can clog the pores and lead to complications.
  • The effect it has on laundry: When you’re using laundry detergent, a lot of the soap is used to combat the hard water to soften it. This means the detergent isn’t cleaning your clothes the way it should. With hard water, you’ll need more detergent at higher temperatures than what’s required with soft water.
  • The effect it has on household items: Hard water leaves behind tough deposits that can clog your shower head and leave scum on faucets, dishes, shower doors and more. It can also leave mineral buildup inside your pipes.

How Do Water Softeners Work?

Water softening systems are completely safe to use in your home and they do not add any chemicals to your water, only natural salt. The water softener contains small beads which carry a negative charge. The minerals in hard water are positively charged, so with the negatively charged beads, they’ll essentially pull out the minerals from your water as it passes through your system. The natural salt is used in small amounts to help the process along and recharge the beads. At Tapp Water Systems, we only use quality-made water softeners that keep the sodium levels in your water low, so that you have good tasting water in your home.

Water Softener Installation

Softer water in just one call! Skip the hassle, Tapp Water Systems handles everything. From consultation to expert installation, enjoy smoother dishes, fluffier towels, and revitalized skin without lifting a finger.

How Do I Know What Water Softener to Get?

Let’s conquer hard water together. Our experts walk you through every step, from assessing your needs to recommending the perfect softener and installing it flawlessly. Partner with Tapp for water that’s always soft and satisfying.

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