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Clean water for drinking, bathing and other household activities is a necessity, so it’s important to check that it’s free of harmful contaminants. If you live in Annapolis, MD, Tapp Water Systems can perform home water testing to ensure that you and your family have access to safe water. We use quality testing kits to inspect the cleanliness of your water and provide you with an accurate evaluation. If our water treatment tests find pollutants, our professionals will give you trustworthy suggestions that may help improve it. Get in touch with our team to assess the quality of your water and have a filtration system installed in your home.

Water Quality Testing Services

Low water quality not only affects your health, it can also impact the lifespan of your appliances. We provide water quality testing to inspect for hard water, which contains excess minerals that leave a chalky white residue on surfaces. These mineral deposits can cause damages and clog up pipes, in addition to drying out skin and hair. It’s not only magnesium, calcium and lime in hard water that you should be concerned with. We provide water testing services for a wide range of possible toxins and recommend suitable treatment plans.

The following are the types of contaminants that can pollute your home’s water in Annapolis, MD:

  • Arsenic
  • Nitrates and nitrites
  • Lead and iron
  • Radium
  • Hardness
  • Bacteria
  • Chlorine
  • Low-pH or acidic water

Get Professional Water Treatments

Our technicians are trained and experienced in home water testing and will inform you about the treatment options available to you. That way you can be aware of your water quality and make an informed decision to help improve it. After our service professional has conducted a water treatment test, the next step is to install a filtration system, softener or water conditioner. We’re knowledgeable about different appliance types and which one might provide the most effective results for your situation. Have one of our skilled technicians arrive at your home for water quality testing and get a new installation or replacement for your home.

Contact Us for an Appointment

Tapp Water Systems is here to offer dependable water testing services for your home in Annapolis, MD. We’re a locally-owned and operated company with excellent customer service and quality treatments. We can help you identify any contaminants that may be present in your water and install systems to enhance its quality. Contact us at (410) 437-TAPP (8277) to set up a water treatment test appointment.

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