Water Softener Installation Services for Glen Burnie, MD

Water softeners can be useful appliances for your home in Glen Burnie, MD. Why should you consider getting a water softener? A water softener will provide you with quality water right in your home. Hard water is typical for properties in the region, and what this means is that your tap water is full of heavy minerals. Hard water can have an effect on cleaning your house and taking care of your skin. If you want to avoid these issues, then you could look into getting a water softener installed for your property. Tapp Water Systems is available for water softener installation services in the Glen Burnie, MD, area. Homeowners have relied on our first-rate services for many years. You can look to our water softener specialists for the best installation services. When we’re on the job, you can look forward to quality results.

The Negative Effects of Hard Water

Why might it be a good idea to have a water softener installed in your Glen Burnie home? Listed below are reasons why you might want to get soft water on your property:

  • Hard water reacts with soap: Because there is high mineral content in hard water, it will leave behind soap scum after the soap has reacted withLady Standing By Tapp Van the water. Basically, when hard water and soap interact with one another, the calcium sulphate in the water creates calcium carbonate and sodium sulphate. This is what we call scum. It can be tricky to get rid of after it has stuck around for a while.
  • What it does to your hair: Hard water can even have an impact on your hair. It can cause problems like tangles, dandruff, split ends, brittle hair and sometimes severe issues like thinning and eczema.
  • What it does to your skin: Because hard water and soap create the byproducts mentioned above, the calcium carbonate and sodium sulphate can clog your pores and lead to some skin issues.
  • What it does for your laundry: Laundry detergent is designed to soften your water. However, most of the detergent is being used to do so, which means your clothes aren’t getting washed properly. With hard water, you’ll need to use more detergent with hot water temperatures so that your clothes get cleaned the right way.
  • What it does to your household items: Hard water is known for leaving behind nasty residue, which can clog your shower heads and faucets. These mineral deposits can also show up on your dishes after you’ve taken them out of the dishwasher. In an extreme situation, your pipes could get clogged from mineral buildup.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Home water softeners are specially designed for your residence and are entirely safe for your water supply. There are no chemical additives and they only use natural salt. A water softener has small beads that carry a negative charge, which is important because the minerals in your water supply are positively charged. The beads help draw out the minerals because the negative charge will offset the positive charge, and the natural salt is only used to help the process along and to recharge the beads. At Tapp Water Systems, we only install quality water softener systems. They keep the sodium levels low in your water so that you have great tasting water at home.

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