Water Softener Installation for Edgewater, MD

The water can get a little hard in Edgewater, MD. What we mean by hard water is that your tap is heavy in minerals and it can impact various things, such as cleaning your house and skin care. Having a water softener system installed on your property can help you avoid these types of problems. If you’re ready for a water softener installation in Edgewater, MD, then it’s time to call Tapp Water Systems. We offer high-quality services to homeowners throughout the region. You can truly depend on our water softener specialists to provide your home with the finest installations. You can count on your water softener system to be functional for a long time. 

How Does Hard Water Impact You?

Why might it be a good idea to have a water softener installed in your Edgewater home? Listed below are reasons why you might want to get soft water on your property:

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  • Hard water reacts with soap: Since hard water has a high mineral content, it will leave behind soap scum after it has reacted with it. Essentially, when hard water and soap are combined, the calcium sulphate in the water creates calcium carbonate and sodium sulphate and this makes the thing we call scum. It can be very difficult to get rid of after it has sat for a while.
  • What it does to your hair: Hard water can negatively affect your hair. It can create issues such as tangles, dandruff, split ends, brittle hair and in some more severe cases thinning and eczema. 
  • What it does to your skin: Since hard water and soap react the way they do (as mentioned above), the remaining residue can clog your pores and lead to some skin issues. 
  • What it does for your laundry: When you’re using laundry detergent and hard water together, most of the detergent is used to soften the water, which means your clothes aren’t getting cleaned properly. You’ll need to use a little more detergent and keep the temperature of your water high in order to wash your clothes. 
  • What it does to your household items: Hard water is notorious for leaving behind tough mineral deposits, and this can clog your shower heads and faucets. It can also leave behind residue on your dishes after they’ve come out of the dishwasher, and in a serious case, clog your pipes. 

How Does a Water Softening System Work?

Water softening systems are designed to be used in the home and are completely safe for your water supply. They don’t add any chemicals to your water and only utilize natural salt. A water softener has small beads that carry a negative charge, and this is important because the minerals in hard water are positively charged. The negative charge offsets the positive charge, so the beads essentially pull out the heavy minerals when the water passes through the system. The natural salt is only used to help the process along and recharge the beads. At Tapp Water Systems, we only install quality water softener systems that keep the sodium levels in your water low, so that you have great tasting water in your home. 

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If you’re in the Edgewater, MD, region and are interested in having a water softener installed for your home, then you can turn to Tapp Water Systems. Our licensed specialists are here to provide you with first-rate services that you can truly rely on. We’re here to make sure your water is free from heavy minerals. Contact Tapp Water Systems today at 410-437-TAPP (8277) to book an appointment.