Home Water Testing in Edgewater, MD

We know how important it is for a home to always have access to clean drinking water. Tapp Water Systems gives homeowners peace of mind across the Edgewater, MD, area with reliable water testing services. We have experience using industry-standard testing kits to inspect your water for impurities. Home water tests can detect whether there are sediments, chemicals or bacteria that could harm your appliances or your family’s health. If we detect contaminants in your water, our team can set you up with a purification system. Turn to our knowledgeable professionals for water quality testing in your Edgewater home and rest easy knowing your water is safe to drink.

Get Reliable Water Quality Testing

One of our technicians can arrive to your home promptly for a free water analysis and report their findings to you immediately. Our water treatment tests will give you important information that may motivate you to install a filtration system. After our specialists administer the tests, you’ll be given an accurate assessment of your water quality and professional recommendations for improving it. If you choose a water softener, we can help you with the installation process for the best results.

These are some of the impurities our water testing services can identify:

  • Acidic water or low-pH
  • Chlorine
  • Bacteria
  • Hardness
  • Radium
  • Iron and lead
  • Nitrites and nitrates
  • Arsenic

Professionals in Water Treatment Tests

Tapp Water System is a locally-owned and operated company that’s been serving the Edgewater, MD, area for more than 75 years. Our specialists have vast knowledge in the area of water conditioning systems and will answer any of the questions you may have. We’ll begin with water quality testing to ensure we install a filtration system that is suitable for your situation. We have various options to choose from as far as water softeners, filters and conditioners. Trust our experienced team for home water testing and in restoring the cleanliness of your water back to your home.

Contact Us for Water Testing Services

Contaminated water is not only bad for your health, it leaves behind chalky residue on your appliances and can shorten their lifespan. If you want to ensure you have the highest water quality, the first step is to get a professional water treatment test. Get in contact with our staff at (410) 437-TAPP (8277).

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